Jaguar Information

Jaguar Information

Jaguar Information

Jaguar Anatomy
The Jaguar can end up being up to six feet long when you consider them from the tip of the nose to the end of their tail.

Jaguar Habitat and Distribution
Central America is home to most of the Jaguars. The have a considerable range here that they cover. On one end they are found in Mexico and at the other Paraguay.

Jaguar Feeding
The Jaguar hunts alone and uses the element of surprise to help it do so. They will lie in waiting for their prey and then ambush it.

Jaguar Evolution and Variations
The Jaguar is believed to be very closely related to the Leopard according to DNA testing. However, they would have branched off from each other approximately 6 million years ago.

Jaguar Reproduction
Jaguars mainly live a solitary live. The times when they do come into contact with each other are often mating and when they have young to care for.

Jaguar Conservation
Even though the Jaguar isn?t considered an endangered species at this time there are efforts in place for conservation. They are actually just above the ranking though ? falling into the category of being near threatened.

Jaguars and Humans
Since the beginning of time the Jaguar has been idolized in various cultures. The early writing and symbols of the Mayans and the Aztecs depict this as one animal that they were in awe of.