Jaguar Conservation

Jaguar Conservation

Jaguar Conservation Efforts

Even though the Jaguar isn’t considered an endangered species at this time there are efforts in place for conservation. They are actually just above the ranking though – falling into the category of being near threatened. The goal is to prevent their numbers from dropping low enough for them to be considered at a higher risk than that.

How did the number of the drop so low if the Jaguar is said to be so adaptable? The problem occurred in the past when these animals were heavily hunted. There used to be a big demand for their furs in order for people to have coats made out of them. Today that isn’t a common practice so it isn’t much of a concern any more.

However, poaching does continue and people are cashing in on the black market. This has to do with the fact that they are selling the young cubs for money. In the process of that they usually will kill the mother as she is going to do all she can to protect her young. These cubs are sold for pets to people that love the idea of being the owner of such a unique pet.

Conservation groups recognize that the biggest concern for the future of the Jaguar is protect their natural habitat. It has been taken away in very large chunks and that continues to be a factor. Then the Jaguar has a very limited home range and it is harder and harder for them to find enough food for their own survival.

In South America there is a huge problem with farmers and ranchers killing them. These animals come to their areas looking for food. Then the owners of them feel that they are losing tons of money in the process. They may kill the Jaguar in a variety of methods including with shotguns, traps, or putting out poisoned meat for them. While such practices are illegal it is almost impossible to stop them.

One of the most aggressive conservation efforts out there is the Defenders of Wildlife. They have a program in place that allows them to monitor these animals. They work very closely with the Jaguar Guardian Program. One of the ways that they have reduced poaching is by offering generous rewards to those that turn in poachers.

Other conservation efforts focus on trying to find out what is causing the illness and often death of many Jaguars in the wild. This has been narrowed down to their food sources and the fact that some of them can result in a type of parasite known as the hookworm developing. This  and other parasites can aggressively grow in the body and prevent the animal from benefiting properly from the foods it consumes.

These parasites can also get around vital organs in the body. This makes it very hard for them to be able to function like they should. Studies involving the feces of the Jaguar often shows that these parasites occur very often in the natural habitat. Yet it isn’t known which of their foods sources seem to be responsible for it.

There are many ways you can become involved with the various Jaguar conservation efforts. Let it be known to your government officials that you want areas they live to be well protected. Go online and find out what activities the various conservation groups are promoting. There you will find information about how you can help them. You can also make monetary contributions to such causes.

It does take time for the benefits from such conservation efforts to take place. However, many agree that without such intervention and movements these animals would be at a much higher risk of extinction today than they are.