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Cheetah Information

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Cheetah Anatomy
The Cheetah is a medium sized animal, much smaller than most felines. It is deemed as one that is very fast and very graceful.

Cheetah Habitat and Distribution
It is believed that Africa is the native home of the Cheetah. However, during the Ice Age millions of years ago they were able to move into Asia.

Cheetah Conservation
Due to the fact there the Cheetah has very low numbers there are aggressive acts in place for conservation. There are many reasons why these numbers are dropping so low.

Cheetah Variations and Subspecies
There are some variations and subspecies of the Cheetah out there. They are very interesting animals but have some distinctions that are going to further separate them from each other.

Cheetah Feeding
The Cheetah is an excellent hunter due to the combination of speed and powerful jaws. They use their eyes to find their prey rather than relying upon their sense of smell.

Cheetah Reproduction
The fact that the Cheetah reproduces at a very slow rate is a huge concern. Studies show that the males often suffer from a low production of sperm.

Cheetahs and Humans
When it comes to felines, the Cheetah is one that many humans are fearful of. These animals have amazing strength and power. Yet that has also been a combination that makes humans fearful.