Jaguars and Humans

Jaguars and Humans

Relation Between Jaguar and Humans

Since the beginning of time the Jaguar has been idolized in various cultures. The early writing and symbols of the Mayans and the Aztecs depict this as one animal that they were in awe of. They wanted to be fast like them, powerful like them, and they also felt that they were gods that were on Earth to watch them. In many of their ceremonies they would dress like the Jaguar or paint their bodies as a representation of them.

Today you will find many sports teams called the Jaguars. They are involved on many levels from high school sports, college sports, and even professional teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL. The fact that these animals represent speed and agility often makes them a great mascot to work with.

Not everyone though views the Jaguar in the same type of light. Instead they see it as a violent animal and one that is a threat. They want to have areas where they can live, hike, and enjoy nature without any worries regarding attacks by such animals.

There are many humans that have a fear of the Jaguar. This is due to the fact that these can be very aggressive felines. They don’t see to have a fear of humans at all so that puts them on the list of those that will kill humans and eat them. With the fact that this feline continues to be found in new locations many people are very uneasy about it.

It is important for humans to realize that there is a vital role in the ecosystem for the Jaguar. In many instances it is believed that certain animals would become too numerous if the Jaguar wasn’t hunting them. Then those animals would be fighting for territory, see an increase in disease, and frequently die from starvation.

There would also be concerns over areas of the grazing land being depleted. When that occurs it is very hard for it to grow back. As a result many other types of animals that feed in those areas would starve. If the Jaguar disappears then it is going to create many issues. Humans need to understand that delicate balance and be supportive of it.

The fact that humans are the ones taking over the land where the Jaguar used to freely roam is very important too. Ironically, there are farmers and ranchers very upset due to their animals being killed by the Jaguar. Yet the fail to recognize their role in all of it. They are the ones that are taking this land from the Jaguar for their own use. This is a wild animal that is programmed to survive.

Educating people about the Jaguar and their needs is a big part of getting this all in balance. Yet there are many people that view their own needs and those of other humans to be more important than that of any animal. The controversy continues because of differences of opinion. The protection of these animals often ends up being one brought to the attention of various governments. However, it can take a great deal of time to get laws passed to protect them.