Lions and Humans

Lions and Humans

Relation Between Lions and Humans

There are many different scenarios out there that involve the Lion and Humans. Since the beginning of time there have been documented encounters between them. We have lots of information in the form of writings and even cave drawings regarding this. In some cultures the Lion was deemed a god and one of the great powerful animals to honor. In others though the Lion was concerned a serious threat and one that was to be avoided when possible.

There are tons of known cultural depictions involving the Lion. For thousands of years this has been the case in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Most of the time they are seen in a positive light for such elements. Throughout history many of royalty have taken the Lion for their crest or their call to arms. This is because of the act of loyalty that the Lions have for each other as well as their powerful influence.

The Egyptians believed that the Lion could protect them in the sleep or rest. Many of their people were buried with carved works of the Lion in various poses. For the religion known as the Kingdom of Judah the Lion is the emblem and is a symbol of the strength of the faith. MGM studios also made the Lion popular and at the MGM in Las Vegas there is an enormous statue of one.

You may find it interesting that the Lion is the only feline that hasn’t been heavily hunted by humans for its fur. They have a very plain look to them compared to those felines with spots and designs on their fur. Even so, there are still many that have found the idea of hunting a Lion for sport to be a huge thrill. Most of them want the males because they are larger and they have the huge mane.

Humans continue to take over land that once was the roaming lands of the Lions. Then don’t like the fact that they have to share such areas with the Lion. When livestock and pets are killed due to the animals needing food it creates anger and matters are taken into their own hands. They often kill them with rifles, trap them, and they even leave out meat for the Lions to consume that has been laced with various types of poison.

The fact that the Lion has been noted as hunting humans makes the relationship they have with them one that is very strained. Many humans live in fear of this powerful feline. They want to destroy it before they or someone around them is attacked. The biggest problem though stems from the fact that humans are moving into areas where the Lion was once able to freely roam.

It definitely isn’t a good idea for humans to have Lions as pets. There are plenty of people though that like the idea of having something so exotic in their own care. They love the playfulness of them when they are young. However, these are very aggressive felines and they have been known to kill their owners. One mistake is all it takes and that is the end of them. Plus, it is extremely expensive to pay for the food to offer to a pet Lion.

Not everyone is against the Lion but many agree they would never like to come face to face with one in the wild. Instead, they are content to see them in a zoo where they are in enclosures. However, there are also animal rights groups that don’t want to see these animals living in such conditions. They continue to work with conservation groups to help the Lion have a chance at a future in the wild.